More on The Map

From my friend Luna2Tick about “The Map”:

News flash: Most of the news articles on this JOURNAL ARTICLE do not mentin that only 37 states were looked at, not necessarily the WHOLE state, just EAST of the 100th MERIDIAN, no matter where in the edge states that meridian was located.

News Flash: The articles do not mention the limits of the study – they make it seem like there is no RISK out West. NOT that they did not sample out West whatsoever since THEY think Ixodes Scapularis is an ETHICAL TICK and does not cross the 100th meridian or “trespass” on the “territory” of the Ixodes Pacificus Tick.  

My Comment: Think ticks can navigate by themselves so as to not cross the 100th meridian?

NEWS FLASH: the map is VERY limited by poor sampling and many other errors.


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