Lyme disease map pinpoints high-risk areas

High Risk versus No Risk.

Ticks live in the green areas tooDr. Maria Diuk- Wasser of the Yale School of Public Health concludes LOW RISK = NO RISK. That is not what the science says.

Dr. Diuk-Wasser says:

“In areas that are low risk, a case of Lyme disease is not impossible but it’s highly unlikely, so the clinician should be considering other ‘diagnoses.”

This statement conveys the message that there is no Lyme in the low risk areas.

What the researcher concludes is not accurate and portrays the disease as an isolated one. Patients outside the high risk area are still at risk, as evidenced by the huge number of Lyme disease cases in low risk areas.

This researcher is NOT qualified to suggest medical diagnoses.

Lyme disease map pinpoints high-risk areas: Do you live in one? – HealthPop – CBS News.


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