QR Code Tutorial – the basics


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She is home.

The female osprey was seen this morning.  Maybe she arrived late yesterday. 

We saw her soar over the water early this morning, looking for a meal with the male at her side. At least I think it was the female of the pair. It’s not like I could look under the dress to be sure.

It is typical for the male to arrive and then rebuild the nest and tidy it up for her. She arrives several days later, ready to inhabit the old homestead from last year.

I will be on the look-out this weekend, for their cries and to see them in their nest or soaring above the water.

Mega Millions – What If I Win?

I just bought my Mega Millions ticket and started to day dream about what I would do if I won $640 million. The take home – somewhere around a half billion dollars:

After pulling myself up from the floor, I would call my lawyer, accountant and investment adviser and tell them to find the best people in their fields to help us figure this out. Then I would spend countless hours trying to get my husband to NOT blab about it. Maybe have a glass of wine.

Then with investment plans and my estate taken care of I would ask the governor of the State of Rhode Island to describe what he would do with the additional tax revenue.  Then decide if I remain a Rhode Islander.

I would in no particular order: give away my business, minus the debt;  own my house outright, pay off my daughter’s college loans, remodel my home (to replace outdated drafty windows and doors, new furnace…) , pay off mortgages of family and close friends, pay old medical bills from Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment for my family, go on a vacation with my extended family, buy a new refrigerator, get a cleaning lady, buy a new car… Once some of these “basics” are covered it will be time to think about what to do with the remaining several hundred millions.

I would start a foundation, to give away the money for projects that make sense to me: Lyme research, education, Rotary International … This might be fun!

And I might buy Talbots – just to change their return policy and improve their customer service.

Mega Millions Mania: What If You Win? Then What Do , You Do? : The Two-Way : NPR.