In a nutshell:

Guidelines for Lyme diagnosis and treatment were written years ago by a select few medical scientists and doctors, many of whom did some of the early research. The guidelines have not been updated, although they should have been. So aggregious is the intentional spread of outdated scientific information and guidelines that it was the basis for Conneciticut’s attorney general antitrust suit that was settled with the agreement the Lyme guidelines would be updated by an independent and diverse group.

That never happened.

The result of the out of date guidelines still in use is general practioners and even specialists depend on this old information in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme.  Patients with Lyme symptoms are given outdated information from the very person they trust – their doctor, who in turn trusts the guidelines, supposedly updated regularly and written by the best scientific and medical minds in the world, based on current research.

This is not true for Lyme.

The guidelines are old and not based on recent research thus placing the health, the opportunity to heal…

No one understands Lyme, how to best diagnose and treat this infectious disease. But some in the medical community – researchers, doctors and our federal and state governments dominate the Lyme conversation because of their power in the medical world and their reputations based on research that presented different scientific data 30 years ago. They are unwilling to take an in depth look at all the current research that undermines and challenges the research they did years ago. These are the people who wrote the guidelines for Lyme diagnosis and treatment. Those old guidelines are still in place today. Guidelines are supposed to be updated every five years. Not so for Lyme guidelines.

Science should be a collaboration, building on the research of others, validating results, questioning results, thinking of new hypotheses and trying new things, all with an open mind.

Instead, there is a fight over Lyme disease. How to diagnose, how to treat and to treat for how long has become a fight. Doctors  who treat one way, based on the ART and PRACTICE of medicine and in their best judgement are ostracized and indicted and face losing their medical license.

And patients suffer needlessly and some die.


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