Will you miss the encyclopedia?

Yes, I will miss the encyclopedia.

I love the feel of the paper; I study the typestyle, the binding and the page layout of all books.  (I can’t help it. I inherited this from my mother.)

But the Encyclopedia Brittanica  – an important component of my early education, was a beautiful set of information, opinion and black and white images, all bound in leather with gold foil.

I inherited the beautiful set from my childhood – by default.  My daughter used it for homework.  Sure, the tomes were 30 years out of date, but the history of the Russian Revolution and other historic events of long ago had not changed. The encyclopedia was relevant. It was beautiful; the pages so thin and fragile.

The beauty of  the hard bound, real book encyclopedia, is while I am researching something it’s easy to turn the page and read about something completely different – that I had no intention to research or understand. But there it is before me and I am curious.

My eyes to wander to another completely different subject.

When we moved a few years ago I had no room for my encyclopedia set. It was time to let go. I wanted them to have a good home. When the buyer of our house expressed interest in the 20 or so Britannica encyclopedia set, I gave them to this family.

My hope is this family finds joy in the knowledge these books can bring. Especially when their eyes wander to another subject.

Will you miss the encyclopedia? – The Domino Project.


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