Lyme and my physicians’ stance.

This is an article from the Jamestown Press about my new primary care doctor, Carla. I have not had a PC doc in more than 4 years because my previous doctor did not believe in Lyme disease and said I was crazy to undergo antibiotic treatment for my neurological symptoms. He said a psychiatrist could help me. Instead, antibiotics helped me.

This is the same doctor who identified my weird rash as a Lyme rash, gave me 10 days of antibiotics and said I was all set and not to worry about further treatment or symptoms.

So a few months ago I finally tried a new, local PCP, Carla, who is highlighted in this article. When I told her about Lyme, my symptoms, my treatment …  she plainly said she did not believe in Lyme, extended antibiotic treatment and my ongoing symptoms.

Now Dr. Carla discovers that nearly all of her patients have Lyme. Not a surprise to me but clearly a surprise to her. Time to help her understand Lyme disease and its devastation on individuals and families.

I love a project! 

Island’s newest doctor settles into Jamestown life | | Jamestown Press.

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