Talbots – Ugly sweater. Ugly customer service.

I entered Talbots, the fancy ladies clothing company and politely asked to return this sweater, never worn with all tags in place .  It was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, the way a gift would be. The clerk took it out of the box, looked at the receipt, said it was not returnable under any condition.

Then she balled up the item and gave it back to me.  No bag. No box. I asked for the gift box which was now in the trash,  then she stuffed the balled up sweater in the box, put the lid on and wordlessly handed it back to me. The manager, who was looking on, with a dour face, too much makeup, a hair style that would never move, even in a typhoon and without an an ounce of empathy, simply stated it is too late to return the item I had recently received as a gift – by 3 days.

It is difficult to make out the configuration of the sweater, what with the crazy “Rodeo” pattern. But it was a balled up sweater.


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