Mega Millions – What If I Win?

I just bought my Mega Millions ticket and started to day dream about what I would do if I won $640 million. The take home – somewhere around a half billion dollars:

After pulling myself up from the floor, I would call my lawyer, accountant and investment adviser and tell them to find the best people in their fields to help us figure this out. Then I would spend countless hours trying to get my husband to NOT blab about it. Maybe have a glass of wine.

Then with investment plans and my estate taken care of I would ask the governor of the State of Rhode Island to describe what he would do with the additional tax revenue.  Then decide if I remain a Rhode Islander.

I would in no particular order: give away my business, minus the debt;  own my house outright, pay off my daughter’s college loans, remodel my home (to replace outdated drafty windows and doors, new furnace…) , pay off mortgages of family and close friends, pay old medical bills from Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment for my family, go on a vacation with my extended family, buy a new refrigerator, get a cleaning lady, buy a new car… Once some of these “basics” are covered it will be time to think about what to do with the remaining several hundred millions.

I would start a foundation, to give away the money for projects that make sense to me: Lyme research, education, Rotary International … This might be fun!

And I might buy Talbots – just to change their return policy and improve their customer service.

Mega Millions Mania: What If You Win? Then What Do , You Do? : The Two-Way : NPR.


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