Rotary’s Weird Traditions

Look at and examine every tradition, activity, phrase, title, acronym of your Rotary club. 
Ask why your club sings. And sings the songs you sing. Do the songs appeal to everyone? Can your club carry a tune and know the words to the songs you sing? Did you know about half of all Rotary clubs do not sing?
It’s not a requirement, not even a tradition.
Rotary is not a religious organization.   So why is there an invocation that is so religious? Words like: Thank you Lord, our Father in heaven, in Your name, Jesus, our savior, God, heavenly. The list of religious words is endless. It is not appropriate for Rotary.
An invocation is not a Rotary requirement.  About half of the clubs I surveyed do not have an invocation.
There are 34,000 Rotary clubs in the world. And 17,000 do not pray and 17,000 do not sing. Why does your club?
Clubs consists of many religions and subsets of religions.  What about the atheist who immediately feels so out of place?
Why alienate anyone?
Ask guests about some of your practices. Ask what they think of the prayer, singing, the pledge, program, business meeting and more.

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