America’s Cup

America’s Cup 

June 2012. Newport, Rhode Island


General Motors – Call Me!

The largest American automaker spends about $40 million to maintain Facebook presence, the Journal reported, with about $10 million in paid ads.

via Market Day – GM to drop all advertising on Facebook – report.

That’s a lot of money to maintain a Facebook presence. I can do it for a lot less, a whole lot less.

General Motors – call me!

Lyme Awareness – Karen Vanderhoof-Forscher. Thank You.

Thank you Karen!

Thank you for years of educating and advocating. You might never know and appreciate the real impact of you and your family for thousands with Lyme disease and the co-infections.

You gave me a brochure in the early 1990s that years later helped me to identify my own Lyme disease illness and then my daughter’s, husband’s and mother’s illness. As well as countless others.

You made a difference. Thank you.

Pinterest. Lovin’ it !

I am lovin’ Pinterest.

Many consider Pinterest a girl thing.  And, well, the majority of Pinterest users are women. We can’t help it. It’s natural for women.

Women are the sharers, connectors and the communicators. At work, at home. With social media. On the bus or train or elevator. With our kids – at school and the playground. With our volunteer work and with our spiritual and emotional connectors.

Yes, we rock!

Curb the Sales Pitch. Not for Social Media.

I have been in sales and marketing most of my working life. From an early job selling vacuum cleaners, selling precision machined components, state of the art medical equipment to print, signage and digital services. And now marketing services to the new social world of business.

I have worked for people who curbed the pitch and others who were all about the pitch. For me, it has always been about the people and relationships.  

With social media, the sales pitch does not work at all. It has no place in social media. But those who “do” social media well, are none the less “pitching”. It just doesn’t feel like a pitch. It feels like a conversation.

How can you do this for your company? Ask me.

Calling All Content Marketers: Curb the Sales Pitch – Net Features – Website Magazine.

The real story: Lyme disease and JP Morgan’s huge losses.

Lyme disease and JP Morgan

This would explain the almost $3 billion loss. Lyme disease symptoms:

confusion, memory loss, brain fog, loss of mental acuity, concentration and initiative, inability to multi-task and perform complex problem solving. Other symptoms are inability to balance a checkbook and do simple math, inability to watch and comprehend a movie or a book. Loss of ability to speak, read and write at previously normal levels. And that is a short list of how Lyme affects the brain.

Discord at JPMorgan Investment Office Blamed in Huge Loss –

NEWS: Lyme Disease Foundation ceases operations |

Lyme Disease Foundation, formed in 1988 has stopped operations. Thank you Karen!

Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner. One of many who impacted my life. She spoke to the Providence Sunrise Rotary Club many years ago. I remember her talk about her child, Jamie who died from Lyme. I saved the brochure she gave me about Lyme disease.

The brochure was lost in my kitchen’s junk drawer until I saw a Lyme rash on my hip about 5 years ago. It did not look like a Lyme rash. It looked more like a pale sunburn. I searched the junk drawer and compared the brochure photos to my “sunburn” on my hip.

There was no comparison. My sunburn looked nothing like the Lyme rash. But the feeling of something was wrong dominated my thoughts and I saw my primary care doctor who declared my sunburn was the Lyme rash.

That changed everything – for the better. More later.

NEWS: Lyme Disease Foundation ceases operations |