Savannah Guthrie: 10 Things to Know

Impressive  qualifications!

Savannah Guthrie: 10 Things to Know About Ann Curry’s Replacement – Yahoo! Movies.


Ticks – In your your backyard

Like I have been sayin’ …  

It is not just deer that host ticks that transmit Lyme and other infectious diseases.
Ticks like feeding on small animals too.  Whatever is available.

Novel animal reservoir for group of tick-borne diseases discovered — and it lives in your backyard.

Lyme – a biological approach

Perspectives on Lyme Disease: A Biological Medicine Approach

September 2012, Marion, Massachusetts

Led by

  • James Odell, OMD, LAc, Inner Light Consultants, KY
  • Robert Milisen, N.M.D., Toxigone, AZ
  • Michael Margolis, D.D.S., My Dentist, AZ
  • Shaun Riddle, N.M.D., American Center for Biological Medicine, AZ

Topics Lyme Conference 2012

Wonder what a   b i o f i l m   is?

Lyme Conference 2012 in Marion, Massachusetts.


  • Modern Biofilm Therapies
  • Chelation IV’s and enhancing therapies
  • Innovative Testing for Lyme’s and Co-infections
  • Immune markers and mold infections
  • Co-infections: diagnosis and treatments
  • Bee venom therapy
  • Importance of Biodentistry and difficult infections
  • Antibiotics: pros, cons and alternatives
  • The Autoimmune Component
  • Management of the Borrelia infection patient