The Evolution of Olympic Communication

Over the centuries lots has changed in how we communicate.

Read about the Olympics and how they communicated then and now.

It required pigeons.

Pigeons to Present: The Evolution of Olympic Communication [INFOGRAPHIC].


Legislation needed to get medical treatment

10 years ago Rhode Island passed legislation that made health insurance companies pay for the treatment of Lyme disease.  

And Rhode Island passed legislation that allows doctors to treat Lyme disease as they best determine – without losing their medical license.

Imagine if this had not passed.  Imagine this kind of legislation was even needed.

This is what it is like to have Lyme disease outside of Rhode Island. Only a handful of states adopted similar legislation since then.

Read the story here:

Osprey Offspring

Not yet.  I keep looking to see if there are eggs in the nest. I can’t peer into the nest as it is 30 feet above a salt marsh. But I know eggs have been laid when the osprey do not leave the nest unattended.

The raptors are never in their nest these days, meaning both the male and female are off feeding. But soon, when the two or three eggs are laid, the male  O R  female guards the nest continuously. While one is feeding, the other sits on the eggs or the branch next to it, watching for predators.

Cute isn’t she?

ShelterBox: – News

In Krasnadar, Russia:  Disaster Relief – ShelterBox from Rotary International

Rotary at work:

Thousands of homes in the area have been shown completely submerged on Russian TV. Further reports say that at least 171 people have lost their lives, many being asleep at the time of the disaster.

1,000 families (3,500 people) are considered to be the worst affected by the floods, according to the assessment conducted by the Russian Red Cross.

Information from local Rotarians report:

400 houses are completely destroyed and a further 11,000 homes are damaged. They will not be rebuilt quickly. In response to a direct request for 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents, ShelterBox is deploying a Response Team to conduct a final assessment and oversee distribution.

ShelterBox: – News.

One tick at a time

The Tick Lady, Carol Fox, talks about Lyme and how it changed her life

f o r e v e r.

“I lost my job, my savings, my house. It changed my career and my life,” she says.
“Now my mission in life is helping people avoid what I went through.”

From the Tick Chick,  Cynthia 

Carol Fox, Santa Cruz County Stories: Educating locals about Lyme disease, one tick at a time – Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Nora Ephron: Writer, Director Understood Gender Gap Facing Women In Science

Women and Science

Gender matters.

I was well prepared. 

I had an all girls education, then received a BS in Zoology, minor in Chemistry, another Bachelors degree in German and then an MBA. My sister also went to the same all-girls school. She received a BS in mathematics.

An all-girls education mattered to me. So much so, my daughter also attended an all-girls school, K through 12.

Nora Ephron: Writer, Director Understood Gender Gap Facing Women In Science.