Battling for recognition of disease

The major challenge, Hannah says, has been convincing the doctors she has Lyme disease. 

T H E  challenge with Lyme disease is


via Battling for recognition of disease.


2 responses to “Battling for recognition of disease

  1. Not just Lyme Disease. Doctors are at a loss with any autoimmune disease. They simply are groping un the dark. If they haven’t got adrug for it then they try and convince you that it is either in your head or it will go away if you destress.

    • This is so true. If they don’t know, it’s in my head and I need a psychiatrist. In my daughter’s case (a teenager), it was not in her head, it was that she had a bad mother and father. That was the diagnosis – bad parenting. PS. That bad parenting and antibiotics restored her health.

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