Lyme study drew wrong conclusions

” A new statistical review calls into question studies that have been taken as proof that antibiotic retreatment for chronic Lyme disease is futile.

That misunderstanding has led to medical guidance that discourages retreatment and insurance coverage for it.  “

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NEWS: Scientists say Lymestudy drew


MS Cure?

We know infection can cause multiple

health problems. Now this about MS.

” This kind of paradigm change in the way we understand and treat disease often causes dissention among the ranks. And this wouldn’t be the first time that a radical theory was dismissed by mainstream medicine.  “

Catalyst: MS Cure? – ABC TV Science.

Best & Worst Nursing Homes in Rhode Island

Nursing Homes

I hated the idea that my mother was in one.  It seemed like there was no other option. We had tried services at home and assisted living but she was not safe.

After many falls and broken bones she remained at a nursing home after a lengthy rehab to recover, once again. The facility was rated as one of the very best in the state, a 5 star. 

She was the highest functioning patient there. It was lonely and depressing.  She hated it.  We hated it. We visited often but could not see a way to change her living situation given that she fell very frequently and was confused. We told ourselves she was safe and well cared for.

She was not safe, nor well cared

for by the staff at the nursing home.

She was rushed to the hospital one day a few weeks ago. The nursing home staff  gave her opiatesnot prescribedShe tested positive for un-prescribed opiates.  

She seemed near death. My sister and I watched her every breath and waited for her dangerously low blood pressure and respiratory rate to rise.  She survived and stayed 4 days.  She did not return to that facility.

The Rhode Island Department of Health investigated – twice – and found NO evidence of wrong doing on the part of the nursing home.

So, how did she get opiates?

She resided in one of the homes highlighted in the link below as one of the B E S T in Providence, a  F I V E  star facility. We falsely believed she was safe.

GoLocalProv | Health | Best + Worst Nursing Homes in Rhode Island—Federal Study.

Lyme Disease: Does It Really Linger?

Vicki Logan. Your fight for life, for Lyme patients will not be forgotten. You gave many of us the stamina to carry on, even as you were losing your own battle.

“I think that Lyme is an incurable disease in many patients — there’s no question in my mind about that — and I think that’s being suppressed and denied,”   Dr. Liegner said.   “Cases like Vicki Logan’s are not exceptions; they reveal the problems with our current paradigm.”

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Lyme Disease: Does It Really Linger? – New York Times.