Vicki Logan

Vicki Logan began to feel ill in 1987.  For much of her illness doctors told her she could not possibly have Lyme disease and prescribed no antibiotics.

Vicki  Logan submitted claims to Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield for extended intravenous antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease. In some instances, Empire approved coverage of such treatment.  Eventually, however, Empire refused to provide further coverage.   

She died in 2003 after battling New York state’s Blue Cross. 

Dr. Kenneth Liegner helped her fight, both Lyme disease and New York’s Empire Blue Cross & Blue shield.

From the 2009 Lucy Barnes, Maryland Lyme post:

“Dr. Liegner also shared a 2001 video clip of Vicki Logan in the end stages of her battle with chronic Lyme disease.  She was thanking Dr. Liegner for his dedication and caring, two qualities for which he is known for throughout the patient community, and also for giving her a better quality life when no one else would.  She stated just prior to her death,

“  I hope [the story of] what happened to me will benefit others who wind up in the same situation.  ”   

And more:

Dr. Liegner, a highly regarded expert in his field, then proceeded to escort the audience on a virtual tour through his well-documented studies and clinical findings, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the persistence of and serious consequences associated with chronic Lyme disease.  Liegner demonstrated evidence of live spirochetes in patients (including biopsy/autopsy photographs) and the subsequent damage caused to organs, including the brain, when patients were not given adequate treatment.  The presence of Lyme spirochetes had been confirmed in studies by using various tests from a number of labs and by numerous related clinical findings. 

Dr. Liegner presented additional case histories showing treatment improvement in patients and then relapses when treatment was discontinued.   Some of these patients (including children) eventually died from chronic persistent Lyme disease and associated complications, including Martin Eisenhardt, whose wife Mary Lou presented testimony to the NY General Assembly in 2001 in an attempt to draw more attention to the severity of Lyme disease. 


via FindACase™ | Logan v. Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


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