Lyme and the town physician

This is a good article until Dr. Joe England unleashes his remarks.

Joe is the town doctor in Jamestown, which is an island that has a growing tick problem, just like the rest of New England and other parts of the country and world.

Joe England says the town’s Lyme disease prevention committee, that he serves on, is doing nothing. The deer problem is apparently so out of control and there is no stopping the infectious disease from infecting us all. So there is not much anyone can do. (So, let’s not try.)

Prevention does not mean killing the deer.  It is taking precautions so you don’t get bit in the first place. 

Dr. England says, if you pull off the tick it is “not likely” that  you have contracted Lyme or the other diseases that ticks transmit.  This is so false.  Glad he is not my doctor.

Scientist expects outbreak of deer ticks in Jamestown | | Jamestown Press.


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