Key to Lyme treatment-resistance

What is a biofilm? 


In English, it is a goo where bacteria can grow safely, where antibiotics have trouble penetrating. A biofilm is common, not something new. Not to gross out my readers, but dental plaque is a biofim. So is the hair ball in your drain. Just bacteria hanging out. If you are able to kill the outer layer of the biofilm, say with Drano, the interior of the biofilm is protected and continues to grow.

For bacteria, forming this colony  is a self-preservation or survival mechanism. It is difficult to remove because the bacteria form a matrix-like cover. A biofilm,  made up of different bacterium and maybe some other bugs is difficult penetrate – with antibiotics, bleach or detergents.

UNH researcher may have key to Lyme treatment-resistance 


Your Name – Personal Branding

My parents named me Cynthia. My nickname was Cindy (it is no longer my nickname). When I asked, as a child about my name my mother told me about this song. The only line I remember is

Cindy don’t let me down.

Now what kind of message is that for a kid ?

Here are the lyrics in full.

I joined the Navy to see the world
But nowhere could I find
A girl as sweet as Cindy
The girl I left behind
I’ve searched the wide world over
Can’t get her out of my mind

Cindy, oh Cindy
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Cindy don’t let me down
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Write me a letter, dear
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
And I’ll be homeward bound
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)

I see her face in every wave
Her lips kiss every breeze
Her loving arms reach out to me
Through calm and stormy sea
At night I face the lonely day
Caressed by memories

Cindy, oh Cindy
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Cindy don’t let me down
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Write me a letter, dear
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
And I’ll be homeward bound
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)

I know my Cindy’s waiting for me
As I walk the decks alone
Her loving arms reach out to me
Soon I’ll be heading home
Then my sailing days will be over
No more will I roam

Cindy, oh Cindy
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Cindy don’t let me down
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Write me a letter, dear
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
And I’ll be homeward bound
(C-Cindy, C-Cindy)

Mein Doppelganger


noun \ˈdä-pəl-ˌgaŋ-ər, -ˌgeŋ-, ˌdä-pəl-

I found my doppelganger today. I have known about her for three decades. We live near each other – then and now.

We share the same name. Today both of us were honored as “Wild Women” by the Women’s Resource Center (Rhode Island) and we finally met. Two women with the same name, nearly the same age, honored for making their communities better.

When her father died a decade ago, my friends sent me flowers and notes of sympathy and condolence. My own father was already deceased. Her mother died recently and I am still hearing from my acquaintances with heart-felt condolences.  My mother still lives so I reassure them and try to explain about my doppelganger. As I told my doppelganger this, her eyes watered up, saddened by her own losses, now remembered.

History of Instant Messaging

Remember your first instant message?

I don’t.  But this article brought back some memories.

  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • LOL: Laugh(ing) Out Loud
  • OMG: Oh My God/Gosh
  • ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • TY: Thank You
  • NP: No Problem
  • OTP: On The Phone

Actually I don’t see too many of these phrases today except LOL and OMG.  A whole new phrase book has been written.

A Brief History of Instant Messaging.

Are You Disclosing?

This is complicated and the risks real.

My company helps companies grow (ie  we market their brand / company)  in many different ways, including building a Facebook fan base, so it looks totally organic or by establishing personal branding.

Can I endorse a company or product when they pay me to help them market their company with social media? Apparently it is illegal. Even if my endorsement mirrors my real beliefs in a product or company. 

Kinda like me endorsing a laxative product – like I really use it and love it, even if I don’t.  If I am paid for my marketing services, Facebook building or other social marketing and seem to endorse it  (ie “Like” it),  the FTC finds it illegal.

Are You Disclosing? What You Need to Know about FTC Rules and Social Media | Social Media Examiner.

Very Rare Bird Sighting – in my back yard!

This is a protected salt marsh, normally not accessible to the public. (For those who follow my osprey sightings, it’s within 100 yards of the osprey nest.)  Here are a hundred birders tramping through the marsh trying to photograph the very rare Wood Sandpiper who made an appearance near my home. Reports say this bird has never been seen in the lower 48 states.

Rare Bird Sighting

I saw this bird as I traveled through the marsh on my way to work.  It looked like a short sand piper, not that remarkable.  Just another bird migrating.

But it was a Wood Sand Piper.

But, what do I know about birds,

being a backyard, part time casual and amateur birder?

Then the birders from the East Coast showed up – in groves – to see this rare find in the lower 48.  Actually, I saw a car with Oregon plates.


G   M   O   *

Genetically  Modified  Organisms:

Hilarious that California now wants to legislate this, especially given California’s propensity to alter just about everything else, so nothing is natural in California.

In California:  Botox is ok.  Fake everything – from boobs to hair is the norm.

But let’s legislate the genetically modified vegetables.

Check out this blog:


* An exerpt from Liz Glatzer’s blog:  aMusingboomer