Osprey – Returning to Rhode Island

  Pretty sure I saw two osprey gliding by yesterday.

But it was a quick two second look.   It is that time of year.  On the look out.  Stayed tuned.

Osprey 2


Bogus Grassroots Groups

Be careful – Bogus grassroots Lyme related organizations

Understand the organizations and the information they pass on.  

Remember, anyone can make a website.

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Bogus Grassroots Groups – Who’s Who and What’s What with the American Lyme Disease Foundation ALDF | LymeDisease.orgLymeDisease.org.

Gatorade – Generally Recognized As Safe

Generally Recognized As Safe

Gatorade contains brominated vegetable oil.

Tasty? Safe? No. 

Gatorade 1

It was added to Gatorade to help distribute flavor. And it is considered safe, so safe it is on the GRAS list.

GRAS  =  Generally Recognized As Safe

“The GRAS designation took root more than a half-century ago as a way to help the processed food industry avoid lengthy reviews for ingredients that were considered, by qualified experts, to be safe under conditions of intended use.”

When the list originated it included ingredients such as vitamin A and citric acid. There were about 180 ingredients at that time. Today, the list includes more than 4,600 ingredients.

But now PepsiCo, maker of Gatorade, is removing brominated vegetable oil from the sports drink. A good thing.  But consider this – it is also in Mountain Dew, Powerade and Fanta.

Here is what’s scary: “No one knows exactly how many “GRAS” ingredients are in products because manufacturers are not required to notify the FDA before adding them.”

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News | providencejournal.com | The Providence Journal.

Waiting… for the male osprey

The male osprey should arrive from South America in the next ten days or so to the nest near my house. He arrives in advance of his girlfriend to prepare the nest. He cleans it and repairs it. And waits for her to fly home.

Osprey dive

Just picture this magnificent bird with its huge wing span, wearing a French maid outfit, vacuuming the nest, waiting for the girlfriend to also fly in from South America for some hot sex. 

We drive by this nest at least twice a day. At this time of year, we look carefully for the arrival of the male, then the female. And in a few months, the arrival of baby osprey that will fledge and fly south to South America in the fall and return next spring.