The Value of a Dime

A Dime … Ten Cents … 1/10th of a Dollar … Ten Pennies

I was at the gas station when I spotted a dime in the wintery slush.Dime

I bent over and picked it up, getting my leather glove not just wet but dirty.  I threw the dime in my bag and forgot about it.

I had owed my local library 50 cents in overdue fines but only had four dimes when I paid the fine the day before, leaving a ten cent balance. That afternoon I paid off the remaining twenty percent of the fine with a dime. Not the dime I had found, but another dime.  20% is huge when one considers it can be paid with found money. The value of found money.

The next day I was a dime short on a small purchase. Digging around in the coin drawer of my car I found a dime to complete my transaction. This also was not the dime I had found. But I marveled at how a found dime added value to what I needed, even if it wasn’t the exact same coin.

Dime 1

Finally, I pulled out that found dime, the one that had dirtied my leather glove and looked at it. It looked like a normal dime; just maybe a little old. It’s date was 1949. Coins of this vintage can have some value – beyond ten cents so I looked it up. Its value is listed as $15.

Not a huge find. Although $15 is nothing to ignore. It is the percentage of value that is amazing. Ten cents turns into $15 dollars. Better yet, a dime that was not mine. The dime belonged to and was lost by someone else. I just happened to see it and being the cheap skate I suppose I am, I picked it up.

I did not think about paying my library fine or needing an additional ten cents. Nor did I think about its unknown numismatic value or the cost to clean my leather glove. Sometime ten cents is more valuable than one thinks.  


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