Oh, Hello Officer!

Here are the top excuses to avoid getting a ticket. I have not used any of these. Actually, it has been years since I have received a speeding ticket.

I had the opportunity to participate in a “drive along” with the Rhode Island State Police and the Providence Police. It was eye opening.

Tips, from my friends who are Rhode Island State Troopers:

Be polite. Be nice.

Do not place the officer in danger. This means pulling over far enough off the road so the police officer is not in danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. They really appreciate this. They are just doing their job.

Roll your window down before he arrives at your door. Stay in your car.

Have registration, insurance and your license ready by the time he asks for it.

If it is night time, turn on your interior lights so he can clearly see you and your passengers.

Always address the policeman as:  Sir or Mam, trooper or officer. Say please and thank you. Even after you are handed a ticket. They appreciate nice people with manners. And they remember and share with others those who were difficult.

Make sure your tail lights and headlights are working and your car is registered and inspected. This will prevent being pulled over in some cases and will make a speeding or moving violation ticket an easier transaction.

By the time the policeman arrives at your car door he has already entered your license plate number into his computer and notified others that he has stopped you. He may have already called for back up.

Pulled over? Top 11 excuses to get out of a ticket. – CSMonitor.com.

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