What you should know

Life 2These are not my words, but I relate.

1) College might not be a wise investment.

2) Your vote probably doesn’t count.

3) Class mobility isn’t very good in America.

4) Cows shouldn’t eat corn.

5) Credit is a bad idea. Even when buying a car.

6) Working hard isn’t the key to making money. Already having money is the key to making money.

7) If being fat was primarily the fault of the individual, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.

8) When women entered the workforce, it masked the fact that households now require two working people to earn as much as they used to with just one.

9) You can do anything you want. You can’t do everything you want.

10) Increasing the deficit is the fastest way to create more jobs.

11) Fat doesn’t make you fat.

12) Smart people can make the most money in the financial sector, where they produce the least good.

13) Men and women are not the same. This is a biological statement, not a moral one.

14) When government is limited, it doesn’t give more freedom back to individuals. It gives more power to corporations.

15) Racism isn’t over. It probably never will be.

16) Cancer isn’t natural.

17) If the government told you who you could date, where to eat your meals or what doctor you could see, you would call it tyranny. When your employer does, you accept it.

18) The key to a healthy diet isn’t balance or moderation. There are a lot of things that you should just never eat.

19) Running the biggest economy in the world is nothing like running your household budget.

20) People do not make logical decisions. They make emotional decisions, and then use logic to justify them.

21) Exercise is great for a lot of reasons. Weight loss isn’t one of them.

22) All people are not created equal.

23) For most people, calculus, the periodic table and The Grapes of Wrath will be far less useful in day-to-day life than the ability to create a budget, follow a recipe and hem a pair of pants.

24) You learn more from losing than you do from winning.

25) There are no health benefits to drinking red wine.

26) Everybody underestimates the role of circumstances in their own success.

27) Smart people with no experience are dangerous. Smart people with no experience and a lot of money are very dangerous.

28) Just because there are two sides to an issue, it doesn’t mean that they both have equal weight. But the media will portray it that way because a clash between equals is more interesting than a one-sided fight.

29) Even if working hard is a pre-requisite to success, it is a logical fallacy to conclude that a lack of success is due to a lack of hard work.

30) Freedom is not measured by the absence of restrictions; it’s measured by the presence of actionable options.



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