Five things you don’t know about Lyme disease

On the front page of the Providence Journal.

Another inaccurate article on Lyme.

Two of the five things are not correct – in my opinion.

Yes, it is true that ticks need humidity to survive, prevention measures do help and the head of the Rhode Island Department of Health has had Lyme three times. tick_540x405

But, only 800 cases of Lyme in this state? And Lyme clinics doctors say only 5% of their patients actually have Lyme. I beg to differ with these two statements.

I would have hoped for a more balanced piece on the subject.

Read the comments after the article for a more accurate picture.

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Five things you don’t know about Lyme disease | Breaking News | | The Providence Journal - The Providence Journal.

What I regret most in my life

” What I regret most in  my life are failures of kindness “

George Saunders

This quote is from George Saunder’s commencement speech at Syracuse University a couple of months ago. It is well worth reading. Wish I was in the audience.

George Saunderss Advice to Graduates –

I am actively practicing kindness.