5 Bad Habits in Business and in Life

Don’t let that Don Draper – Mad Men image influence you. These five habits are simply courteous, whether for a  job interview or a sales call. 


Arrive on time, not early and not late. Be respectful and find out what they want and need; not what you want and need. Be yourself, but use some discretion. No one wants to know the details of your personal life. Be appreciative by saying a heartfelt thank you. 

Seriously, this should come naturally. If it does not, practice, practice and practice some more and then think about why this does not come naturally to you.

5 habits that can turn interviewers against you.



Job hunting is a tough job. Even for someone thick skinned, seasoned, positive, rational, realistic, open-minded and understanding that not every job is perfect for them.

Rejection 1

I have never received a rejection like I did today – just 21 minutes after submitting my resume on the major online job search website I received this message.  “DOES NOT MEET ZIP Code Proximity CRITERIA”  for a job just 22 miles away from my home – via interstate highway.

I am wondering if this digital communications company is not savvy enough to post a job and select the appropriate geography or if they really want employees who live around the corner from their office.

Either way. Do I want to work here?