Osprey – They’re Back

OSPREY – Right on time again this year (and every year)

Yesterday a single male osprey arrived. More will arrive over the next week. It’s a thrill every year to see their arrival. Every spring, in late March the osprey return to Rhode Island. They fly from their South American winter habitat back home to summer Rhode Island. Come October they make the return trip to South America.

And so, every March and October marks the arrival and departure of this magnificent bird.

The male always arrives first and the female arrives a couple of days later.

They return to the same nest year after year.

I snapped this photo last year when I unexpectedly saw this osprey land on the dead branch. Lucky shot.


10 Rules of Open Houses You Did Not Know

Open houses are a great way to see what’s on the market, to fine tune what you are looking for, to imagine the possibilities and to get ideas. Here are the rules:

The Golden Rule is to be considerate.

1. Be on time. Don’t show up at the end of the open house and stay past the time. This inconveniences the homeowner, who wants to get back into their home and it inconveniences the agent who has other appointments. Similarly, don’t be early.
2. When you arrive come inside first, introduce yourself to the agent and sign in. Yes, the agent will want all of your information and the seller may demand it. Don’t scribble a partial email or phone number. This is a matter of security. Wouldn’t you want to know who’s roaming your home?
3. Do not bring your own refreshments.
4. Don’t snoop around. Open closet doors but do not open bureau drawers or medicine cabinets and don’t touch anything like books or knick knacks.Ā  Don’t sit on the bed or furniture, do not turn on the television and do not use the toilet EVER.
5. If you bring children with you do not let them leave your side. Don’t allow them to roam around, pick out their bedroom, sit on the furniture or touch anything. And don’t bring the family pet, even if you think leaving him outside is ok. It’s not.
6. Keep your comments to yourself. No one wants to hear what you think of the decorating choices or what you would do if you bought the house.
7. Do look around outside. Do not play on the swing set, don’t smoke. Don’t pick the flowers.
8. Do not take photographs. It’s creepy. Take notes and look at the photos on MLS to remember details that interest you. And schedule a showing at a later date to get another look at the property.
9. Let the agent know if you are working with another agent and let them know which agent. Don’t monopolize the agent’s time. The agent has to keep track of who’s in the house and be available for others buyers. Contact the agent later if you have questions.
10. If the agent offers refreshments remember it’s not lunch so don’t chow down. Don’t roam the house with the snack or beverage.

This list is a compilation of things potential buyers actually do and think it’s ok. Remember it’s someone’s private home you’ve been invited to.