Bathroom Trends 2019

The biggest trend in bathroom renovation? images (1)

  1. urinals
  2. bidets
  3. Japanese toilets
  4. self-cleaning toilets
  5. vivid color schemes
  6. tiny bathrooms
  7. massage stations
  8. composting toilets
  9. out houses

Nope. It’s bathing accommodations for pets, especially dogs. If you bathe your dog you know how difficult this can be.images

The options are to shower with the dog, fill the family bath tub, fill an outdoor tub, use a hose outside or take the dog to the groomer. Except for going to the groomer all of the options are messy and wet – for the pet and human. 

Outstanding-Dog-Shower-Ideas-Pet-Washing-Stations-6_Sebring-Design-BuildBathrooms, laundry rooms and mud rooms

now are pet bathing stations.



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