GREIGE – The New Neutral

It’s the new neutral of interior and exterior paints. It’s a combination of two words; gray and beige. It’s pronounced like beige without the B and with the GR, like GReige. Kind of like “GR age”. Another pronounciation is like “Gr-eee-je”.

“While gray creates the soft neutral tones homeowners have come to fall in love with, the beige undertones help infuse some warmth into what would be an otherwise boring & cold color. The resulting color works great for most homes. Whether you want to create a subtle welcome at the entryway area, accent a single wall or contrast the bright light coming in – greige works to perfection.”

You can’t just buy Greige paint color. Greige has an endless list of grey/beige names, each slightly different in color, with blue, pink, brown, green, red and yellow undertones. A partial list:

Collonade, Granite Boulder, Amazing, Repose,  Silver Drop, Stonehenge, Silver Point, Worldly, Asford, Perfect, French, Ashley, Windsor, Broxburn, Analytical, French Linen, Goose Down, Egyptian Cotton, Pebble, Barren Plains, Wheat Bread, Hazy Sky, Mindful, Stamped Concrete, Perfect, Stylish, Ellie, Mega, Pavillion, Rockpoint, Gracious, Gettysburg, Mineral, Owl, Edgecomb. Pale Oak, Mortar, Pewter, Balboa Mist – all with the word “Gray” in the name.

What’s your favorite?


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