Sewing Machine Day

It’s National Sewing Machine Day!Measure 1

One summer when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old I took sewing lessons, a summer course for young girls. My summer days had been pleasantly spent sailing, swimming, exploring tidal pools, picking blueberries, climbing trees and reading in Jamestown, Rhode Island. I wasn’t interested in sewing and did not anticipate its correlation to life’s other skills.

Needle threadMy mother signed me up for nearby sewing lessons, perhaps as a way to broaden my feminine and future home-making skills. But I had already set my sights on other (less girly-girl) horizons. When the ferry doors finally opened the auction was getting ready and there was mayhem on the stage.


Nevertheless, I made a couple of summer dresses that were actually (well, barely) wearable! Sewing did not expand my feminine ways Needle thread greenbut rather taught me construction, planning, the mechanics of sewing, the importance of creativity, structure, individuality, attention to detail, accuracy, improvisation and discipline to make my creations with perfect stitches and dimensions, to match fabric patterns, to understand color palates and the importance of measuring twice and cutting once Owas it measuring once and cutting twice?


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