Real Estate is Emotional

I’ve been there. For many, it’s very emotional to sell or buy a home. 

So many of the real estate transactions I’ve handled as a Realtor are fraught with emotional feelings. Yep. It’s not all happy days, fun and laughter for buyers and sellers.

Consider buyers and sellers making a change – in residence, marital status, lifestyle, geographic location, health, and family and employment situations. It’s stressful!ExhaustingAll their memories are encased in the walls of the home. Letting go is difficult. Little hurts and disappointments take on large dimensions as do happy memories of times gone by.

Even the happy occasions such as moving to a larger home to accommodate a growing family, a first home, a couple expecting their first or second or third child. A family making room for their grandmother, parents, or their children and grandchildren is stressful. images

It seems every client is in transition. And transitions are difficult and emotional. It takes empathy, understanding and patience to understand the needs of all involved, and effort to minimize the confusion and emotional roller coaster of this major transaction. I negotiate on behalf of my clients and represent them fairly, confidentially, with dignity and respect. Most of all, I listen, seek to understand their hurts, disappointments and fears and look for ways to ease the stress and suffering surrounding their real estate transaction.Stressed out

I’ve been that real estate client, stressed out, worried and uncertain of my family’s future. Everyone has changes and they are not always easy and happy. But I can help others navigate the rough waters and ease the stress.


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