5 Bad Habits in Business and in Life

Don’t let that Don Draper – Mad Men image influence you. These five habits are simply courteous, whether for a  job interview or a sales call. 


Arrive on time, not early and not late. Be respectful and find out what they want and need; not what you want and need. Be yourself, but use some discretion. No one wants to know the details of your personal life. Be appreciative by saying a heartfelt thank you. 

Seriously, this should come naturally. If it does not, practice, practice and practice some more and then think about why this does not come naturally to you.

5 habits that can turn interviewers against you.



Job hunting is a tough job. Even for someone thick skinned, seasoned, positive, rational, realistic, open-minded and understanding that not every job is perfect for them.

Rejection 1

I have never received a rejection like I did today – just 21 minutes after submitting my resume on the major online job search website I received this message.  “DOES NOT MEET ZIP Code Proximity CRITERIA”  for a job just 22 miles away from my home – via interstate highway.

I am wondering if this digital communications company is not savvy enough to post a job and select the appropriate geography or if they really want employees who live around the corner from their office.

Either way. Do I want to work here?

Shit Sandwich

I have missed my usual writings, rants, comments, queries, thoughts, questions … in my blog posts. It is time to get back to writing.

During my blog absence, it has been an eventful many months – a change in my business, transition to a new owner and me looking for the next thing, which brings me to the

S H I T    S A N D W I C H 

Read about it here and let me know what your Shit Sandwich is.


7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose.

What I regret most in my life

” What I regret most in  my life are failures of kindness “

George Saunders

This quote is from George Saunder’s commencement speech at Syracuse University a couple of months ago. It is well worth reading. Wish I was in the audience.

George Saunderss Advice to Graduates – NYTimes.com.

I am actively practicing kindness.

7 Ways To Kill Poison Ivy

I am highly allergic to poison ivy so I read with interest Realfarmacy.com’s article on  some unique ways to obliterate the offensive green vine. 

Poison Ivy 1

My favorite way was to get some goats because they love to eat it.  Another is to use gin, but what a waste of good booze. And I don’t even like gin. My favorite way to kill poison ivy is to spray it with vinegar.

Not the good stuff. Just regular white vinegar.

Poison ivy’s real name is Toxicodendron radicansThe allergic agent is called urushiol.

7 Ways To Kill Poison Ivy Without Using Roundup | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information.

Osprey Update

As I reported earlier this spring, the male osprey arrived from South America and a few days later, at the end of March the female flew in from South America. They wasted no time starting a family.

By April 20 there were three eggs and about 40 days later three baby chicks were seen in the nest. Recent observations show that there may be only one remaining chick. Baby Osprey

The very wet weather of the last two weeks may have played a role in the apparent deaths of the other two chicks.