Good, Bad and Ugly

Today was my radio debut!

The good, bad and ugly:

The good: I was asked, invited to make a guest appearance on the radio talk show, Rotary Radio.

The Bad: I have been asked to be a guest before, even shown up at the station, to find out a Yankees game has preempted my guest appearance.

The Ugly: I arrive today, no Yankees preemption, feeling cool, calm and collected, despite not knowing what we are going to talk about. I get comfy, arrange the mic and I am then told my headphones do not have an adapter, without which they are useless.

So it’s kind of like a one way radio show. I can’t hear the callers and can’t see or hear the producer. Thank goodness the radio host carried the show.


ShelterBox: – News

In Krasnadar, Russia:  Disaster Relief – ShelterBox from Rotary International

Rotary at work:

Thousands of homes in the area have been shown completely submerged on Russian TV. Further reports say that at least 171 people have lost their lives, many being asleep at the time of the disaster.

1,000 families (3,500 people) are considered to be the worst affected by the floods, according to the assessment conducted by the Russian Red Cross.

Information from local Rotarians report:

400 houses are completely destroyed and a further 11,000 homes are damaged. They will not be rebuilt quickly. In response to a direct request for 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents, ShelterBox is deploying a Response Team to conduct a final assessment and oversee distribution.

ShelterBox: – News.

Women in Rotary


They finally let the girls into Rotary.   And nothing has been the same since.  

That is me, holding up two of the awards our club recently received.

Providence Rotary is the 22nd Rotary club formed in the world –  102 years ago. There are now 34,300 Rotary clubs around the world. News – Historic Moments: Women in Rotary.

Serving our community – locally and globally

Maybe you’ve seen a need in your own community and wondered how you could help. Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others — or even learn new skills. Maybe you’re seeking connections with other service-minded professionals in your community or abroad. Benefits of Rotary – Home.

Rotary & Polio

The United States Senate passed a resolution crediting Rotary International for its efforts to eradicate polio.

The resolution commended Rotary International for its efforts to rid the world of the disease and highlighted the organization’s role in successfully eradicating polio from India in January.

The Rotary Club of Providence is raising money for continued polio eradication efforts on July 22, 2012 at the second annual Polo for Polio event in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. We’ll be partying with the ponies at an international polo game.  $20. Kids free. Announcements.

Rotary & The Movies

Watching Catch Me If You Can, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

It starts off with a Rotary Club meeting!

Then, a few days later the president of the New Rochelle Rotary Club stops by William Abagnale’s  (DiCaprio) home for a nooner with his mother. While at the Abagnale home, and presumably fooling around on the couch in the living room, the club president loses his Rotary President’s Pin.  DiCaprio finds the pin on the couch.

It’s a gold and diamond pin (read: very expensive) that every club president wears and passes on to the next president.

Leadership – It Has to Start Somewhere.

It has to start somewhere.

So, I started, quietly and  slowly making bold changes. Then, I spoke boldly and   L O U D L Y   about transformative  changes Rotary clubs must implement to remain vital and strong. The body language of the audience was bad, very bad.  But, hell, just continue, I thought to myself. Then my voice started to quiver, just a little. That’s when I realized I was unusually nervous. My audience, with arms folded against their chests and no smiles at humorous phrases simply looked at me while I suggested controversial change. Then I sat down.