Is it the truth?

I haven’t written about Rotary recently – well almost a decade. Rotary logo gold

My absence wasn’t intentional. After serving a President of the Rotary Club of Providence, the largest Rotary club in the region my next role was to support the leadership that followed me. I did just that and then my life changed.

My husband and I decided to sell our business of 20 years. His Lyme disease symptoms reappeared and he was not feeling well. Sadly, he passed away not too long afterwards.

I started working for a Realtor as his marketing strategist. My job involved digital and social media marketing which fit in well with my business background and marketing experience.  Then I became a Realtor®. This changed everything.

There is one thing that did not change. The values of Rotary International stayed with me. I think of Rotary’s 4 Way Test frequently. I printed it out and pinned it to my bulletin board.

              4 Way Test

         Is it the truth?

         Is it fair to all concerned?

         Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

         Is it beneficial to all concerned?


Real Estate is Emotional

I’ve been there. For many, it’s very emotional to sell or buy a home. 

So many of the real estate transactions I’ve handled as a Realtor are fraught with emotional feelings. Yep. It’s not all happy days, fun and laughter for buyers and sellers.

Consider buyers and sellers making a change – in residence, marital status, lifestyle, geographic location, health, and family and employment situations. It’s stressful!ExhaustingAll their memories are encased in the walls of the home. Letting go is difficult. Little hurts and disappointments take on large dimensions as do happy memories of times gone by.

Even the happy occasions such as moving to a larger home to accommodate a growing family, a first home, a couple expecting their first or second or third child. A family making room for their grandmother, parents, or their children and grandchildren is stressful. images

It seems every client is in transition. And transitions are difficult and emotional. It takes empathy, understanding and patience to understand the needs of all involved, and effort to minimize the confusion and emotional roller coaster of this major transaction. I negotiate on behalf of my clients and represent them fairly, confidentially, with dignity and respect. Most of all, I listen, seek to understand their hurts, disappointments and fears and look for ways to ease the stress and suffering surrounding their real estate transaction.Stressed out

I’ve been that real estate client, stressed out, worried and uncertain of my family’s future. Everyone has changes and they are not always easy and happy. But I can help others navigate the rough waters and ease the stress.


Asbestos 3Asbestos is six naturally occurring fibrous minerals that have the ability to resist heat, fire and electricity. These properties of asbestos supported its use all over the world for years in a number of different commercial, industrial and consumer products – including homes, especially those built prior to 1980.

Asbestos 2

Asbestos, once called a “magic mineral” is a natural mineral that has been mined and used because of its durability, heat and chemical resistance. Asbestos has been utilized in thousands of products, in everything from insulation and other construction materials to car brakes and hair dryers. At the height of its use, asbestos could be found in over 3,000 consumer products.

20190424_184705_resizedI had to snap a photo of this asbestos encapsulated furnace I saw in a 1945 Narragansett home that was for sale. It will need removal by licensed professionals.

Asbestos abatementMy clients were buying a 1949 home in another town where asbestos had already been removed but there was still Asbestos pipessome friable asbestos on a couple of the steam pipes in the basement (like this photo). Asbestos 1When I told the seller’s agent that my client wanted the remaining asbestos removed as a condition of the sale the seller refused saying he was insulted we even asked and that it was not needed. The estimate to remove that asbestos was $1,681.

There are 70 countries where the use of asbestos is NOT banned.

Mesothelioma  & Asbestosis

Over time researchers realized that when asbestos materials are disturbed or damaged, asbestos fibers can be released into the air and cause dangerous exposure. When people accidentally inhale or ingest the microscopic fibers, the mineral can eventually lead to serious health problems, like mesothelioma and asbestosis.

For additional information:


Craftsman Style Architecture

Craftsman homes typically have these elements inside: Beautiful stone fireplaces, unique built-ins (book shelves, window seats, nooks), exposed wood beams, lots of natural materials like stone and wood for wood floors and trim and handmade tiles. The wood trim is intricate, the mill work exquisite.

Exterior features may include a covered front porch, low pitched roof lines, stone or wood columns at the front entry, wide overhanging eaves with exposed rafters, a dormer and double hanging windows. Usually lots of windows, even small ones. The exterior is wood, stucco or stone siding.

Although one or 1.5  stories is most common some of today’s homes are 3 stories. Most bedrooms are small, especially if located in the eves, but modern homes have rambling bedrooms with adjoining dressing rooms, a den or office and well-equipped modern baths.

I’ve seen Craftsman homes with shiplap walls, contemporary lighting fixtures, coffered and non-coffered swirled plaster ceilings. Paint colors tend to be soft or earthy but bright aggressive paints make a modern, clean statement while still keeping with the style.

One home I visited was painted almost entirely in white inside. While this seemed like an insult to the original gorgeous wood this color created a beautiful, modern, bright aesthetic that I loved immediately.

I would describe Craftsman homes as comfortable, cozy, beautiful and detailed. Today’s contemporary Craftsman are all that as well as functional with sophistication.

No two Craftsman homes are identical. Each has its own personality. Actually there are four Craftsman styles: Prairie, Mission, Four-Square and Bungalow.

The bungalow is my favorite style.

Life Changes – a Short Story

Actually it’s a long story, but I’ll condense it.  Life 1

I got a job, as an employee after 20 years of being the employer

My beloved husband and best friend died. Unexpectedly. Quickly. After ten days in the ICU.

My daughter’s complications from Lyme disease amped up. Her life changed too.

My symptoms from chronic Lyme disease also amped up.

I became a Realtor®. A profession I never expected I would choose.

It’s just the way life is, twists and turns, ups and downs, the expected and unexpected, the good, the bad and the fugly. Yup. It was all of that.


What We Don’t Know About Lyme

“When a mysterious and debilitating illness overtook her and her family, the author struggled to find some answers. What she discovered about Lyme disease—and how little is actually known or agreed upon by the medical experts—is something everyone who goes outdoors should learn.”

Author of Cure Unknown, Pamela Weintraub, summarizes her family’s experience with Lyme. It is important to read as most of us believe – if you are sick from a tick bite, you go to the doctor and you will be healed, easily and quickly.  The reality is very different.tick_540x405

What We Don’t Know About Lyme : Experience Life.

Are You Disclosing?

This is complicated and the risks real.

My company helps companies grow (ie  we market their brand / company)  in many different ways, including building a Facebook fan base, so it looks totally organic or by establishing personal branding.

Can I endorse a company or product when they pay me to help them market their company with social media? Apparently it is illegal. Even if my endorsement mirrors my real beliefs in a product or company. 

Kinda like me endorsing a laxative product – like I really use it and love it, even if I don’t.  If I am paid for my marketing services, Facebook building or other social marketing and seem to endorse it  (ie “Like” it),  the FTC finds it illegal.

Are You Disclosing? What You Need to Know about FTC Rules and Social Media | Social Media Examiner.

A New Tick-Borne Illness

Many of those new diseases are vector borne, transmitted by arthropods such as ticks or by insects such as mosquitoes.

Heartland is one of three new tick-borne diseases identified just in the past two years.

This particular virus has never been detected before,” said Nicholson. “This is unique to the world.”        William Nicholson, CDC

A New Tick-Borne Illness, and a Plea to Consider the Insects | Wired Science |