Shit Sandwich

I have missed my usual writings, rants, comments, queries, thoughts, questions … in my blog posts. It is time to get back to writing.

During my blog absence, it has been an eventful many months – a change in my business, transition to a new owner and me looking for the next thing, which brings me to the

S H I T    S A N D W I C H 

Read about it here and let me know what your Shit Sandwich is.


7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose.


Curb the Sales Pitch. Not for Social Media.

I have been in sales and marketing most of my working life. From an early job selling vacuum cleaners, selling precision machined components, state of the art medical equipment to print, signage and digital services. And now marketing services to the new social world of business.

I have worked for people who curbed the pitch and others who were all about the pitch. For me, it has always been about the people and relationships.  

With social media, the sales pitch does not work at all. It has no place in social media. But those who “do” social media well, are none the less “pitching”. It just doesn’t feel like a pitch. It feels like a conversation.

How can you do this for your company? Ask me.

Calling All Content Marketers: Curb the Sales Pitch – Net Features – Website Magazine.

Pinterest – the best time to share

Why Pinterest works ?

It is another opportunity to share your brand, your image with others: customers, vendors, competitors and industry followers.

For a non-profit organization I am involved in, it’s a chance to show in images, just what we do.

For my business, I show images related to the marketing and branding work I do, while showing off a workplace that is fun and successful.

For my advocacy with Lyme disease, I have a broader audience to share my images of ticks, bacteria, rashes and more.

For Providence Rotary, Pinterest is the place to put all those photos of Rotarians having fun while serving our community and the world.

Here’s the Best Time to Share on Pinterest.